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"Manufacturer of perimeter protection detectors"

Forteza-teamJSC Forteza TeamJSC “Forteza” was founded in 2005 as a European office of modern Russian manufacturer of perimeter security systems JSC “Ohrannaya Technika”.
"Forteza" – high-quality microwave, wired, tribe-electric perimeter security sensors.
Our equipment will help to ensure the security of any object – from a private home, small office to large commercial or public facility. Forteza sensors will help you to timely detect and prevent damage to your business, private or public property.
"Forteza" equipment is reliable and easy to use. Sensors have a high level of integration, are easy to install and characterized by longevity.
"Forteza" is the guarantee of equipment quality, service delivery and high quality of customer service.
We are not an engineering company, but a serial producer. Therefore, using our system, you get not only high quality equipment but also skilled staff training, regular equipment maintenance and high quality of service.
Our company advises on the issues of design, installation and launching. Our experienced professionals will help you to assess and prepare your perimeter security projects.
Company vision:
To help protect not only your assets, but also your life.
Company mission:
To expand our perimeter security market share in the European countries, offering high-quality perimeter security systems.

Trust us without hesitations – we will justify your trust.

We are looking for a reliable partners, dealers and distributors in Europe for mutually beneficial cooperation, which will ensure successful fulfit equipment entrance to European market plan and will meet our company objectives.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to be useful for you. If you have any questions regarding our products or this website, please contact us at the address shown below using conventional mail, or by phone, fax, e-mail.


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Forteza office in Poland www.forteza.pl

Distributor in Latvia Stamp Q Ltd. www.stampq.com

Distributor in Estonia BK Eesti AS. www.bkeesti.ee

Distributor in Estonia ALARMTEC AS. www.alarmtec.ee

Distributor in Italy Safe & Lock s.r.l. www.safelock.it

Distributor in Italy SecurPoint s.r.l. www.securpoint.com

Distributor in France IXPERIA www.ixperia.fr

Distributor in Portugal MOVISECUR www.movisecur.eu

Distributor in Romania AL.SE.RO. IMPEX S.R.L. www.alse.ro

Distributor in Slovak Republic SUP DIGITAL SECURITY SERVIS s.r.o. www.supdigitalsecurity.sk

Distributor in Slovak Republic GEMTECH s.r.o. www.gemtech.eu

Distributor in Bulgaria RAK Ltd. www.raksecurity.com

Distributor in Bulgaria Profisec Ltd. www.profisec.bg

Distributor in Hungary Multi Alarm Co. www.multialarm.hu

Distributor in Egypt Phenix Group International www.pgiegypt.com

Distributor in United Arab Emirates Ness Security Devices LLC. www.nesssecurity.com

Distributor in South Africa RR Electronic Security Solutions www.rress.co.za

Distributor in Malaysia Lotus Action Sdn. Bhd. www.lotusaction.com

Distributor in Slovenia Varnost Maribor, d.d. www.varnost.si

Distributor in Slovenia Mars Commerce d.o.o. www.mars-commerce.com

Distributor in Turkey Kale Elektrik Elektronik Guvenlik www.kalealarm.com

Distributor in Spain ITC VISION SISTEMAS DE SEGURIDAD, S.L. www.itcvision.com

Distributor in United Kingdom Perimeter Defence Systems LTD www.perimeterdefencesystems.co.uk

Distributor in Croatia Protekta d.o.o. www.protekta.hr

Distributor in Serbia Protekta Plus d.o.o. www.protektaplus.rs

Distributor in Bosnia and Herzegovina Protekta d.o.o. www.protekta.ba

Distributor in Macedonia Protekta Skopje d.o.o. www.protekta.mk

Distributor in Cyprus AN.G Safety Products Ltd www.newideas.eu

Distributor in Latvia SIA Alarmeco www.alarmeco.lv

Distributor in Ecuador Winsys www.winsys-selcom.com


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  • adress iconTilzes str. 38, 91112 Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • phone iconPhone +370 46 441195
  • fax iconFax +370 46 412231
  • email iconE-mail: forteza@forteza.com

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday from 09:00 till 17:00
Saturday, Sunday - closed


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