Exhibition „Perimeter Protection" Nuremberg, Germany

January 14-16, 2014 the International Exhibition Perimeter Protection took place in the Exhibition Center Nuremberg (Germany).
Trademark Forteza with the partner from the company CCS Computer Control Systems GmbH (Germany) presented at the stand its main and new products marked Forteza. So, e.g. now the microwave bistatic sensor FORTEZA can be adjusted remotely with PC or laptop connection directly. Therefore, the sensor has 4 chanels which allow changing the pulse period.

FORTEZA Seminars in Lithuania 2013

On 2 December in Klaipėda, on 4 December in Vilnius and on 5 December in Kaunas, seminars organized by Forteza were held. Employees of about 80 different companies participated in these seminars. Those who answered correctly to test questions after the seminar got participation certificates.

Seminar in Romania

On 8-10 October 2013, a seminar ("FORTEZA® M 30 and M 60 microwave detectors, Forteza PC detector and Tribo M deformation detectors for the protection of fences") was organized with the help of the company Al.Se.Ro. and Forteza agency in Romania.

Sharing experience

This autumn, our partners tested the FM-60 F one-position microwave sensor (“fan“) for the protection of solar panels installed on the roof of a building.
The photo gives a good view of the sensor installation (during the testing) and protection zone formation.

Dear customers and partners!

Periodically a lot of companies face with a question to choose a technical security system for the perimeter protection. A matter of choice is currently important especially for a new product.


We offer a series of comprehensive technical training classes for all our clients. There is no fee to attend courses. Training classes can be conducted either at European or at Russian office at the participant’s choice.


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