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Проектирование и планирование систем

FORTEZA companies experts have experience the implementation of projects with perimeter security systems and successfully use it in more than 70.000 projects around the world. Experience gained from years of working with customers and partners throw perimeter protection projects (airports, warehouses, military equipment, industry, country houses, etc.). Adapting FORTEZA systems to extreme weatherconditions, non-standard territories relief and security systems requirements.
FORTEZA company’s experts will help you to find best solution for your project territory. We need to receive from you the territory drawing in .PDF, .DWG or paint by hand, with marked length of the sides, entry gates and buildings near boundaries of the site. Please send us some pictures to realize the situation in the object.
Forteza company designer can provide territory drawings with detectors places, mounting polls, connection boxes and wire diagrams.
If you already have the specification is special requirements for perimeter protection detectors we can help you to find in FORTEZA product systems solution which covers all your project requirements.
Forteza production has not a high price but high quality. Always is important to have not only a good perimeter protection solution but and the project price. In this point FORTEZA managers will prepare the price offer so you will realize the full territory protection price.

Тех потдержка, Гарантия

Our Technical Services will help you in system planning, offers the right solution for your side protection, prepare the price offer and layout with detectors, will answer your questions regarding detector installation, mounting, alignment and adjustment. Together with Forteza detectors we can customize a system to meet your project goals and minimize cost.
Detectors are easy to use and they work stable by multiply noises (rain, snow, fog, vegetation, small animals, lightning and temperature range from - 60 up to + 60).

If you would like to test detectors , we can offer to buy 1 kit of detectors for self-studying, showing to clients, demonstrating on exhibitions at special demo-price (significantly lower than retail-price), please contact our sales department.
We offer a series of comprehensive technical training classes for all our clients. There is no fee to attend courses. Training classes can be conducted either at European or at Russian office at the participant’s choice. The training includes two steps. Day one – in-house theoretical classes. Day two – field training session for FORTEZA® sensors mounting, adjusting and aligning. Then training is complete the participants received the TRAINING CERTIFICATE. Trainings are available in various countries under the agreement. Contact us for details. ASK QUESTION

For the past few years experts of  FORTEZA carried out the failure analysis and increased reliability of produced equipment. The most unreliable radioelements were detected and replaced; their operating conditions were optimized. We also made contracts with reliable and safe suppliers and applied the most advanced technologies, equipment and materials in production process. As a result we decided to extend warranty period of practically all our products up to 3 years. This decision comes into effect on the 2nd of April, 2014. More detailed information you can find at products specifications or you can get in touch with our managers. ASK QUESTION
FORTEZA technical department has newest technologies to arrange online support. Everybody has a internet connection in his mobile phone, laptop or tablet. We use this opportunity for a fast technical support to our clients. ONLINE product presentations with working systems, project consulting, technical seminars. SKYPE or VIBER for free calls and fast contact with manufacturer technical support centre. TEAM VIEWER to help adjust system in non-standard applications or for working system operation analyse and trouble shooting.ONLINE SUPPORT information (nick names and ID’s) will be send to you automatically when you registered in users area. REGISTER NOW


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